UCO (User Consulting Office)

2b / 131d (Computer Center)
040 8998 - 5005

Opening Hours:       Monday - Friday, 08:00h - 16:30h  

The UCO is the single point of contact for all questions and problems concerning your computer workplace and central IT-services at DESY. We support you in questions about central IT services with consulting and information.

In case of problems concerning services which are in the responsibility of the IT group, we clarify the further steps for you (if necessary in cooperation with the responsible service providers) so that the problem described by you can be solved.

If on-site support is required, your group administrators are the people to contact. They take care of defects and problems that cannot be solved remotely or which require administrative privileges.

In some cases like password reset or device reparation, face-to-face contact is not only wise but necessary. So please visit us - if required, after prior consultation by phone - during the opening hours at the UCO.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!
Your UCO-Team

How is my Request processed?

Both the telephone and the personal handling of your request are carried out by our UCO students (1st level). In this context, they will ask you for all information required for the first processing of your request and pass it into a ticket tracking system. If the processing of your request could not be answered or solved by the 1st level, the 2nd Level will take care of your request.
If special permissions or more detailed technical information are required to process your request, it may be passed on by the 2nd level to the responsible service provider (3rd level) within IT. Afterwards the UCO will answer your request as soon as your issue has been clearified.

In case you requested a device repair, an external service provider will normally be contacted by the 1st level. Therefore the UCO has only limited influence on the actual processing time of a repair. Experience shows, however, that you can usually expect a repair to take about 2 weeks. In individual cases, however, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the problem. You will be informed about this by the UCO.

Information about lending and repair service at UCO can be found on the following web sites: