Short instructions - pilot operation


Detailed instructions on how to use the adhoc workflows in Forms Management can be found here (German only).

PDFs of the short instructions
application/pdf Short instructions for the Einstellungsgesuch (146KB)
Short instructions for the Einstellungsgesuch
application/pdf Short instructions for the Abgabemeldung (149KB)
Short instructions Abgabemeldung
License Agreement

General information

  • The agreement on the provision of license information is processed via the form management system (FMS) via
  • Tasks are sent by email or can be found on the website
  • All data remain in the FMS and are not sent by email.
  • Initiators/processors of the form can see all information about the process at any time via the history (after they have been integrated into the process):
    • involved persons
    • comments
    • current form content
  • Informed persons see about the history (after their inclusion in the process):
    • involved persons
    • NO comments
    • only the content of the form at the time of information

Fill in the form

  • Please fill in the form and sign it by clicking on the signature field.
    Make sure to fill out all mandatory fields highlighted in yellow.
  • By clicking on the signature field, all completed fields are blocked and can therefore no longer be changed.

Create and Send the form to UCO (

  • Send the form to the UCO using the green workflow button at the beginning of the form.
    The sender address is already preset.
  • If necessary, you can send yourself or other people a "copy" for information and include a "comment".
  • With the button "Create and forward" the form is now created (saved) and sent directly to the UCO.

Processing by UCO until end

  • The UCO processes your form and activates you for the desired license.
  • You will receive the information required for this via the FMS, which will inform you of this by e-mail.
  • Finally, the UCO completes the license request with "complete process".