Installation network printer




To install printers, right-click on the Start menu and select "Run".

The Windows "Run" window will appear (see below).





To install a specific printer, please enter the following:

(Here as an example the printer: pubcp1)


  • For Hamburg: Enter for:

Windows 10: \\\<PrinterName>
and click "OK"

  • For Zeuthen: Please follow the link below







To install multiple printers simultaneously:

Depending on location:

  • For  Hamburg: Enter \\ in the "RUN" window and click "OK".


Select the printers to be installed with the mouse by simply clicking on them.

Right-click on one of the selected entries

Select "Connect" in the pop-up menu and confirm any questions / messages.


Note for Win10 computers installed before April 2018: If the printer driver is not installed yet on the computer, you need administrator rights to install it.