Restore printer driver

Remove Printer Driver

If you can not change the properties for the printer, or the printer doesn't working right, remove first the printer, and clean the entrys in the Windows Registry.

Delete printer driver on Windows:

   Windows 10:
   "Settings" and "Devices" and "Printer & Scanner"

   Select a Printer
   Open "Print Server Properties" and "Drivers"
   Select a driver   =>  remove this driver

The printer driver cannot be deleted or updated if other users on the computer set up printers with the same driver. All users of the computer to delete this printer.
If this is not possible you can erase also unused user on the computer, this deletes all printers used by him.
Select 'start' and right click 'Computer' and select 'Properties'.
Open in new window 'Advanced system settings'.
In the new windows select 'user profile' 'Settings', select and delete desired user.

Make aktual

After the deletion of the drivers and clearing up the Registry: Reboot the computer! Otherwise unexpected errors can occur. Install the printer driver new.