Loan Service of DESY IT Devices

The following devices can be borrowed from the UCO.

  • Laptops
  • Beamer
  • Mobile phones
  • Displays

Please note that the maximum rental period for all UCO equipment is six weeks. So if you need a device temporarily, please contact UCO (Ext.: 5005, Email:

If you need a device for a longer time period than six weeks, please contact one of your group administrators. They may provide you with an existing device which is already available in the group for an extended period of time or can buy a new device for longer-term use. The list of group administrators can be found at:

The amount of loan devices in the UCO is dimensioned in such a way that short-term device failures, e.g. in case of repairs or necessary new purchases, can be compensated. The same applies to business trips or workshops. For these purposes, a loan period of a maximum of six weeks is usually sufficient. Exceptions are of course repairs that take longer than six weeks. Otherwise, an extension of the loan period beyond six weeks will only be granted in well-founded cases.

If you need more extensive support in the organization of conferences or workshops and would like to lend equipment in this context, please contact the DESY Meeting Service: