Repairs of Electronic DESY Devices

For capacity reasons, IT carries out repairs itself only in comparatively few cases. In most cases repairs are carried out by external service providers coordinated by IT.

The repair of the following IT equipment can be carried out via IT (For Scientific Devices see on the bottom of this web site):

  • Mobile Phones
  • Displays
  • PCs and Laptopsbooks

The extent to which repairs are economically viable or can be achieved outside the warranty period may have to be clarified in individual cases. All warranty and repair cases of DESY standard devices should generally be handled by IT. This avoids waiting time and unnecessary work.

DESY-IT only repairs devices which have been purchased by DESY. Thus, no personal devices or devices which have been purchased by other institutes can be accepted by UCO for repair puposes.

Concerning XFEL devices it has to be considered that the device has been ordered in charge of a cost center 78xxxx or 79xxxx. Other devices of (E)XFEL are not DESY-IT's responsibility and thus can not be accepted for repair purposes by UCO.

Repair Process and Processing Duration

In case you requested a device repair, an external service provider will normally be contacted. Therefore the UCO or DESY-IT has only limited influence on the actual processing time of a repair.

Experience shows, however, that you can usually expect an average processing duration to take about two weeks, concerning the repairs of a smartphone. In case of computer or laptop repairs, at least two weeks should normally be assumed. In individual cases, however, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the problem. You will be informed about this by the UCO.

In case of absences, longer waiting times may occur when processing repair cases concerning laptops or PCs.

Repair Reception

The UCO handles all repair requests during opening hours. Please fill out the corresponding repair form completely and correctly (see link box) and return it signed and together with the defective device to the UCO. We have collected information on how to fill out the repair form for mobile phones for you on this FAQ web site.

Important: Please also note the hints about repairs of mobile phones below!


Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 5005
E-Mail: UCO
Location: 2b / 131d
Repair Form
Hints about Mobile Phone Repairs

In the case of defective smartphones, it should be noted that repairs are only carried out if the devices still have a current operating system and are protected with security updates. In addition, the repair costs incurred should be in proportion to the remaining update period.

Further information on DESY standard mobile phones (also a list of DESY standard mobile phones) can be found on the following web site:

Replacement Equipment

In order to reduce downtimes to a minimum, IT maintains a small pool of selected replacement devices. If required, these can be borrowed for the duration of a device replacement or repair. If required, please contact the UCO.
For further information see also:

In some cases, your group administrator may also provide a replacement device. If required, you may also ask one of your responsible administrators, if they are able to provide you a (temporary) replacement for the defective device. A list of the group administrators can be found on the following web site:

Scientific Devices

Scientific devices like

  • Test and measuring devices
  • NIM / CAMAC power supplies / Crates
  • Private mobile radio
  • Audio and video devices
  • low and high voltage power supplies
  • Signal generators
  • and others on inquiry
can be repaired by IT. If required, please fill in the repair form and refer to
André Zimmer (Tel: 3423, Bldg. 2b / 616, email: