FAQ mobile phone repair

Where do I find the IMEI?

The IMEI is often on the backside of the device and on the original packaging.

For some devices you can find the number under Settings > General > Infos.

Alternatively you can dial  *#06# .

Where do I find the serial number (S/N)?

You can find the serial number (S/N) sometimes on the backside of the mobile phone and on the original packaging.

For some devices you can find the number under Settings > General > Infos.

Alternatively you can dial  *#06# .

Where do I find the DESY inventory number?

The inventory n° is on the backside of the device.
Please note that older devices may not have an inventory n°.

How do I make a back up?

It is recommendable to make a backup of your data because the device has to be reset to factory settings before sending it to repair.

Your contacts and calendar will be synchronized automatically if you manage this services by Zimbra/Outlook mail.

An easy way to backup your photos and videos is to connect your mobile device and your Windows pc with a USB wire and copy them via the Windows explorer.


Alternativly you can use the "Use MyPhoneExplorer" for synchronizing all data with your PC.
Therefore you install "MyPhoneExplorer" (http://www.fjsoft.at/de/downloads.php; Use at your own risk and with knowledge of the EULA!) on your PC and "MyPhoneExplorer Client" (Google Play Store) on your mobile phone. "USB-Debugging" has to be activated on your mobile device. You activate "USB-Debugging" unter "Settings" > "Info for Device". There, tap "Device Name" approximately seven times, until the message "Developer Mode" has been activated. Back in the "Options" window, you will see the "Developer Options" and tap "USB Debugging" to activate it.
When the backup is restored on your repaired device, please uninstall the previously installed software immediately.


Alternatively, you can use iTunes (http://www.apple.com/en/itunes/download/) for backup only, but be aware of the following warnings:

When you install Apple iTunes, some services are installed that can compromise the security of your computer or interfere with the operation of the computer in the DESY environment, such as the Bonjour and Quicktime services / applications.
If possible, these should not be installed or - if not possible, these services should be uninstalled or deactivated immediately.
After repairing your mobile phone and restoring your backup, immediately uninstall the iTunes software.

   Deinstallation of Bonjour

  1. First, check whether the service is installed on your PC by clicking "Control Panel" on the start menu, then "Programs" and then "Uninstalling Programs" and see if Bonjour is in the list of installed software.
  2. To check whether Bonjour is active, call the "Task Manager" with the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Del" and click on "Task Manager".
  3. Now click on "Show all users' processes".
  4. Sort the services alphabetically by clicking on "Description" and "Names" to find Bonjour easier.
  5. If you find the "Bonjour Service" in the Task Manager, look for it in the program "Uninstall Programs", click the "Bonjour Service" and then "Uninstall".
  6. As still not all components are removed, click "Start", type "cmd" in the search field and click "cmd.exe".
  7. Now go to the path of "Bonjour". For 64-bit systems, the command is: cd \ Program Files (x86) \ Bonjour
  8. Enter the following commands and confirm with "Enter".
  1.    mDNSResponder –remove
  2.    ren mdnsNSP.dll mdnsNSP.old
  1. Then restart the PC.
  2. Open the Explorer and delete the folder "Bonjour". (C: \ Program Files \ - C: \ Program Files (x86) \)

   Deinstallation of Quicktime

  1. Uninstall Quicktime by clicking on "System Control" in the Start menu.
  2. Now click on "Uninstall Programs" (submenu of "Programs").
  3. Uninstall Quicktime.
How do I do a hard reset?

Attention: Please make a backup of your data first! After the reset the mobile phone will be reset to factory settings



Settings > General menu > Reset menu > Erase All Content and Settings.
When you have a passcode, you must enter it here.



You dial *2767*3855#.
The phone will be reset instantly.



Enter *#7370#.
You will be asked for your security code.
The standard code is 12345.



How do I deactivate "Find my iPhone" or "Find my Mobile"?

Apple - "Find my iPhone" 

Settings > iCloud > deactivate "Find my iPhone"



Settings > Lockscreen and Security > deactivate "Find my Mobile".