Atlassian Software for Software Development and Collaborative Documentation

Atlassian-Software für die Softwareentwicklung und Teamdokumentation

To facilitate software development on campus, and to support the management of complex projects with many participants, DESY IT offers (after prior agreement) web-based software tools by Atlassian. The tools we currently run are

  • Atlassian Confluence, a wiki system with fine grained access controls and very comfortable editing functions
  • Atlassian Jira with Agile Tools, a ticket system / bug tracker for software development or project management
  • Atlassian Bitbucket, a git repository with a web interface for software development or as a document store for workgroups
  • Atlassian Bamboo, a Continuous Integration System for software development

Compared to the well known open source alternatives, the main advantage of the Atlassian tools is the very tight integration of the individual tools. Additionally, the tools are highly configurable, so that it's possible to e.g. turn Confluence in an e-logbook or Jira Agile into a task management tool for workgroups. If you or your workgroup need access to these tools, please contact your namespace admin.


A primary DESY registry account is required to use the Atlassian tools. In addition to primary accounts, the use of functional DESY accounts is also permitted. Please note the notes below on functional accounts.

If you need access to these tools, please contact your namespace administrator. The namespace administrator can grant you access rights to the resources

  •     confluence
  •     jira
  •     stash (product name Bitbucket)
  •     bamboo

via the DESY registry.

Note on the use of functional accounts: For functional accounts, the account owner is displayed by name in the Atlassian tools by default. If you want an alternative display name for a functional account, please send an e-mail to the UCO, asking them to set an appropriate "Mail display name" in the user registry. The email address of the functional account remains that of the account owner. This is especially important with regard to notification functions within the Atlassian tools.

License costs: Please also note that these tools cause license costs and that the resources should only be allocated in the event of an official need.

Terms of use

The Atlassian tools are only available for official use.

Please note that content posted under your username may continue to be available even if your account is deactivated or its permissions in the Atlassian Tools are restricted or removed. There is no entitlement to the transfer of  uploaded content.
By posting contributions in the Atlassian tools, you grant DESY the right to permanently keep the contributions available in the tools and to make them accessible, edit, move or delete them.

Every user of the Atlassian tools at DESY bears the full responsibility for the content of the articles he has written and must comply with applicable laws when using these tools.

 Agreed guidelines and the DESY user regulations apply accordingly.


If you have any questions or problems please contact our RT-Queue: