Video Conferences


Cisco Meeting Server

For information regarding Cisco Meeting Server at DESY see linkbox.



The new conference service - DFNconf - of the german research network is available since October 2018:

DESY-Account holders can log in as hosts with their standard DESY credentials to book and use virtual meeting rooms (currently only available in german).


Due to the corona virus situation and the increased usage of videoconferences, DESY purchased a few lincenses for the web conference tool To get an account (basic or licensed) please contact See here for details.

Vidyo - Desktop videoconferencing for CERN and the LHC communities

The service is opened to all users who own a valid, active, CERN account. They can register to the CERN Vidyo service on the CERN account management page in the “Applications and Resources” section. Once registered, users can login to the CERN Vidyo portal and book Vidyo resources using Indico. Registered users can use all the Vidyo service features and can also invite non-registered users to Vidyo meetings.

Non-registered users can be invited to meetings as guests. They cannot login nor create Vidyo meetings or book other service resources on Indico.

Participate in a Vidyo Meeting as guest:

1.) Dial-In with a Videoconference device or a H.323 Videoconference-Software Client: Dial the CERN Vidyo H.323 Gateway by hostname -, as an alternative using the corresponding IP address - For all CISCO Videoconference devices at DESY this address is stored in the local phonebook. You are requested to enter the Vidyo-Meeting-ID followed by the # key. You can lookup the Meeting-ID from your invitation email.

2.) Dial-In by WebRTC: Enter the URL - im Browser (Chrome oder Firefox). Microsoft Internet Explorer oder Mac OSX Safari are currently not yet supported. On the following page enter the “ROOM URL” by copying and pasting the Link from your invitation email. If set, enter the Room Pin and provide your guest-name. By clicking to “Join the room” you will establish the connection.

3.) As of now connections to the CERN Vidyo conference system by phone can be established via the DESY extension 1350 (with international prefix: +49 40 8998 1350). After the welcome message press “1” for joining a conference, then enter the Vidyo extension of the meeting followed by the # key. If the meeting is pin protected enter the meeting pin, followed by the # key afterwards.