IT-Security at DESY

IT-Security at DESY

Security Incidents

In case of a security incident, please pay attention to the IT-Security Incident Handling Procedure.
For infected systems administrators can find additional information on Handling for Infected Computers.

Virus security

You need to have a running virus scanner with an up to date signature file to protect your Windows-PC against virus or worm attacks.

On current Windows systems, the so-called Windows Defender is already available as basic protection. This is usually sufficient as a basic protection against viruses on external systems, the installation of an additional virus scanner on home workstations is therefore not absolutely necessary, but we recommend it..

Responsible Groups

The it-security is based on three groups.

  • D4 as the staff position with a mandate
    develops policies and enforce them
  • Computer Security Council consists of members of the largest groups
    develops policies in agreement with all groups
  • IT security experts as the technical instance
    develops security solutions and investigate in incidents


DESY has an own Certification Authority. Here you can apply for or receive personal and system-relevant certificates..