Time Service @ DESY

To achieve a time synchronization between networked systems various protocols have been developed. One of the most popular is the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which is also provided at DESY. This protocol allows for an accuracy of a few microseconds within LAN environments. Detailed information about the architecture such as  achievable precisions can be found at the NTP Home Page or the NTP Public Services Project.

We do run 3 time server, a primary one (time.desy.de, and two secondary server (ntp2.desy.de = , ntp3.desy.de = The primary server is a GPS timeserver which is synchronized to the GPS reference time, the secondary servers do synchronize to other external primary time servers like the PTB in Braunschweig.
To use this time service to synchronize your machines you can use the available servers at DESY.