Web Based Training


Welcome to Web Based Training at DESY.


Various groups publish web-based instructions to help you get started at DESY. This enables you to meet the requirements which are needed to work at DESY.

In order to be able to carry out an online instruction, you need a DESY account or, as an external employee, a self registered account., which is available about 5 minutes after the registration process.

With this account you can then log into the DESY learn management system. When you log into the Learn Management System for the first time, you have to confirm your account there again.

To start an online lesson you will need a DESY account, or for external workers a self registered account.

  • Self registered accounts can take up to 5 min after registration, to be in function
  • Your e-mail address will be your account name at training.desy.de


The only requirement for a self registered account is getting an entry at "IAM". Every DESY-account user can generate this entry on iam.desy.de.

You can find our trainings on https://training.desy.de.

If your required training is not listed, try to find it on https://door.desy.de.
There special instructions are offered for our guests in the FS division.


Minimum technical requirements:

For optimal execution you will need:

  • A webbroswer like: Mozilla Firefox(recommended), Edge, Safari
  • An audio device: speaker or headset
  • A printer (print or save your certificate immediatly)