gitlab software management

DESY offers a service for software management based on gitlab. Users can manage git projects on this webservice, which is hosted at DESY. 

The service is open for users with a regular DESY account, as well as for people included in the Helmholtz AAI, which covers most of the scientific community in Europe.


IT provides the technical infrastructure for this service, and ensures its operation.


The service can be reached at


Should you have questions or need further information, please contact

Where can I find further information on Gitlab?

Wiki with some information on Git and Gitlab, as well as links and examples:


How can I get access and login?

Login to via Helmholtz AAI or via DESY LDAP login. Your gitlab account will be created on the fly.

After the first login via the Helmholtz AAI, your accout is disabled at first. Please contact us at to enable it. 

If you login via your DESY LDAP account, you can directly start using gitlab.