We inform our users about data processing in the context of the Gitlab service:


The general DESY data processing information is valid for the Gitlab service:


The following data processing information is particular for the Gitlab service:

  • By using the service, personal data is generated, e.g.: user name, IP address, repository name, version ID. These data are stored for a period of max. 14 days, and processed automatically to ensure proper functioning of the system. Accounting data is derived (e.g. submits by group per time), which will not allow tracing back to a certain user. This data is needed for management, financial accounting and resource planning reasons, and will be kept beyond the 14 day period.
  • By using the service, data and metadata is added to code repositories. It is the nature and technology of Git and Gitlab service, that this data and metadata remains unchanged and visible for the whole lifetime of the repository. The repository, with all its data and metadata, is stored centrally on the Gitlab server, on backups of its data, but also distributed in user clones of the repository. By using the service, you agree that the data (the code you actually commit) as well as the metadata (e.g. your name, email address, commit comment) will be stored for the lifetime of the repository, without the possibility to be changed, anonymized, or deleted. It is in the legitimate interest of Git and Gitlab users, to be able to trace source code additions and changes for debugging and potential intellectual property rights reasons.


Last change: 28.5.2021