Forms Management

The Forms Management System (FMS) provides forms at a central point. The user only needs a standard web browser on any operating system without additional software for the editing process.

The FMS is a web-based system from Lucom for processing forms, the Lucom Interaction Platform (LIP). The forms are created using the software FormsForWeb for Windows.

IT provides the technical infrastructure for this service and ensures its operation.

The group VQ , in cooperation with the responsible group, creates in particular  the forms for the V division and on request and in coordination also for the other divisions. The contents and data recorded are form-specific and the respective group is responsible for the form. You can find more information on the forms webpage of the administration department.

The FMS is only available on the Intranet ( Please log in with your DESY account.

If you have any questions, please contact - your enquiry will be categorised there and the appropriate contact person will get in touch with you.