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This web site offers a link list leading to frequently asked topic areas of the central DESY-IT infrastructure. Additional information about further IT topics can also be found on the respective service web sites of IT.

Documentation about the DESY Mail Service
Filtering Emails
Digital Signatures for Documents and Emails (only German)
Verify digital Email Signatures


Overview about Software at DESY
Create a Request in AMS to get Software or Hardware
LabVIEW Licensing activation at DESY


Operating Systems
Information on Windows at DESY
Updating Windows Computers
Information about Linux at DESY
Introduction to AFS
FAQ for using macOS in the DESY environment


Storage and Backup
Information and Overview concerning the Possibilities of Data Storage at DESY
Große Dateien über DESY Sync & Share anbieten
Restore and Backup at DESY
Change Quotas using Amfora (for Group Admins Only)
Introduction into AFS


External access
Working from Home (Home Office)
Secure Access from external Devices to DESY using SSH Tunnel (recommended)
Access to the DESY inernal network using VPN
Statement of D4 about external Access (only available from the internal DESY network and in German only)
Determine your IPv4 adress using VPN


Remote Support
Remote Support
Remote Maintenance by UCO
Remote Support by IT with Bomgar


IT Security and Privacy
IT Security and Privacy (only accessible from the DESY intranet)
Digital Signatures for Documents and Emails (only German)
Verify digital Email Signatures
Transmission of sensitive Data


General and Miscellaneous
Computer Name Determination
Flyer (PDF): IT Guideline
Flyer (PDF): Guests at  DESY
Fyler (PDF): Mobile Devices
Funktion "Find my Mobile"
Send Fax via Email
Booking Seminar Rooms (Only available in German)
Secured Printing
Set Default Printer for Linux
Remote Support using Bomgar



External Manuals

CERN Documentation