E-Mail filter

E-Mail filter

This web page provides an overview of how you can set up automated filtering of e-mails based on certain criteria in your DESY e-mail inbox.

How do I create a filter?

Log in to the Zimbra web interface (https://mail.desy.de) with your DESY account data.

Now create a new folder by clicking on the small arrow next to "New Mail" in the upper left part of the window and then selecting "Folder" from the drop-down menu. In the window that appears, enter the name of the future storage folder and the path where it should be created.

Then create the filter that will in the future move certain emails to the just created folder based on the desired criteria. The following example shows how to automatically sort messages announced by IT (malfunctions and maintenance) into a folder using a header that is present in the e-mail.

1. Select the "Preferences" tab and click on "Filters"
2. Create a new filter by clicking on "Create Filter"
3. Now you should see a window similar to the one shown below this text section
4. Name the filter under "Filter Name" and enter "X-IT-News" for the header
5. Next, select "exists"
6. In section "Perform the following actions:" chose the action "Move into folder" and select the folder you want to move the message to.


Flter settings for an automated filter for important IT news.