Zimbra Web

The Zimbra web interface ( is the primary management tool recommended by DESY-IT to access calendars, emails and contacts. It can be used from any device that has an Internet program (browser). It does not matter which operating system is used on the device.

Through the Zimbra web interface, you have unlimited access to all the features and settings of your account. Moreover, you do not need to keep any data locally in order to use the web interface, which avoids a possibly lengthy synchronization of data.

Email program availability

  Zimbra Web Outlook Thunderbird Apple Mail
Windows yes yes yes no
Linux yes no yes no
macOS yes no yes yes
iOS yes no no no
Android yes no no no


Relevant aspects of the email programs

  Zimbra Web Outlook Thunderbird Others (e.g. Apple Mail)

Supported by DESY-IT

yes yes only mail limited

Cross-operating system

yes no yes no

Local image (synchronization)

no yes yes yes

Offline availability of data

no yes yes yes

Integration in office-programs

no yes no no

Configuration required on each device

no yes yes yes

Synchronization-problems possible

no yes yes yes