Thunderbird is offered for installation at DESY both under Windows in the Software Manager DSM and under Ubutu in the software repositories.

Like Outlook, Thunderbird synchronizes the data available in your mail account locally to your device and creates a corresponding profile there. The use of Thunderbird is necessary if, for example, you need to make your e-mails accessible offline. For example, to be able to access your data while on the road.

Please note that the use of Thunderbird as a calendar tool must be discouraged due to various problems. See:

Thunderbird Lightning

Please Note that Thunderbird Lightning which is used to access calendars, is not supported by DESY as tests have shown various errors and problems in handling calendar items. More information can be found at:


This web site describes, how you configure Thunderbird to be able to send and receive mails using your DESY account.