Mobile Devices

Smartphones / Tablets

Smartphones and tablets also usually come with their own calendar programs and allow many different calendar programs to be installed via the app stores. These also only provide an image of your data locally on the device. DESY-IT does not yet have a basic recommendation for certain applications.

In principle, however, the use of ActiveSync (which includes the synchronization of mails, calendars and contacts) should be primarily used as a synchronization type. Only if synchronization via Active Sync is not possible or desired, mails (with an IMAP account), calendars (with a CalDAV account) and contacts (with a CardDAV account) should be transferred from/to the central service to your device. Due to the wide variety of programs, different devices, etc., DESY-IT can only provide limited support in these cases.

The transmission of data must be encrypted. Not all mobile devices are equipped with the necessary security certificates by the manufacturer or network provider. For this reason, please install the current certificates from the DESY-Certification-Authority before setting up e-mail accounts etc.