Computer Name Determination


There a multiple ways to determine the computer name. Below is a description for investigating the computer name when the user is logged in normally and for the case when logging into the system is not possible.


If the user is already logged in:

In Windows 7

The easiest way:

Press the Windows key together with the pause/break key on the top right. The control panel opens with the computer name on the bottom.


Alternatively over the Explorer:

1. Click on the Windows Start button.

2. Now click on Computer to open the Explorer.

3. When the Explorer opens, you can find the computer name in the bottom left of the window (over the pointer).

In Mac OS

In Ubuntu and Mac OS the easiest way to determine the computer name is using the terminal.

1. In Ubuntu rightclick on the desktop with the mouse and and choose "Open Terminal".

In Mac OS open the Launchpad and click on "Other", then on "Terminal":

2. With the terminal window opened in Ubuntu or Mac OS, type in "hostname" and the computer name will be shown.

Everything before "" is the computer name. Underlined in red in the screenshot.

If logging into the system is not possible, use the following approach:

In Windows 7

1. If another user is logged in, click on "Other user".

2. Now click on "How do I log on to another domain?".

3. A window opens with the computer name shown (over the pointer in the screenshot).

In Ubuntu

In Ubuntu the computer name can be found in the top left corner of the login screen. Everything before "" is the computer name.