External accessible forms
application/pdf Registration Form (1.1 MB)
Registration Form
application/pdf RAS-VPN (88KB)
application/pdf Belle II Registration Form (4.1 MB)
Belle II Registration Form
Only for people who don't have a DESY account yet and are not able to request a DESY Belle II account via with a valid Grid certificate.
External accessible information
application/force-download Guest Flyer (1.0 MB)
Information for Guests at DESY
application/pdf Condition of Use (37KB)
Conditions of Use for Information Systems at DESY
Here you find the forms, which you need, if you want to use the corresponding services provided by the group IT:


Registry Form

See also user accounts on central  systems at DESY

IAM Registration Form:

IAM Registration Form

Record of Personal Data (-V1-)

Grid Certificate and VO:

GRID Certificates and VO Membership

A personal certificate is necessary to obtain access to the NAF system ( or to the global GRID Ressources. In addition, for using th GRID a membership of a Virtual Organization (VO) is also required.

Commitment concerning RAS-Accounts:

Ras-VPN Committment Form

This form has to be signed by the Namespace Supervisor and the user applying for a RAS-Account for access via VPN, Modem or ISDN.


 Borrowing Slip

You need it, if you want to install software, which you cannot get centrally over the DESY network. For more information see -> Services-> Software

System Registration

System Registration

Here  you can find information about the connection of individually administered systems to the DESY Intranet.


Webserver Registration:

Registration form for webserver with Internet access

Form for servers which shall be accessible from outside DESY.

Contact: UCO (User Consulting Office)