User Support

The IT User Support Group has two main tasks:

  • The operation of the User Consulting Office (UCO) and
  • the central provision of software.
Thus we represent the central point of contact - , phone 5005 - especially for the end users of IT services.

In detail we take care of ...

  • ... the solution of your IT problems related to central IT services
  • ... the consulting and administration of users in all questions related to IT
  • ... the central provision of software for DESYs strategic operating systems Unix and Windows
  • ... the appropriate licence management
  • ... the support for Email (Consulting/Tools)
  • ... the support of Oracle (Client/consulting for applications)
  • ... the support of SAP (Client/consulting for applications)
  • ... the phone book (technical implementation only)
  • ... the Windows group administrators: Consulting and training
  • ... the organisation of IT trainings and IT tutorials

It is our intention to assist you with the solution of your IT questions and problems with our resources, in order that you can concentrate on your real work.

Leader of the group: Martin Gloris