Configuration of a DESY Printer with UNIX / LINUX

All DESY Printer will manged by a central system. There are specific groups by the CUPS server. For example the group 'Public Printers', who have the server 'cups-hasylab'.

More server:

cups-hasylab           cups-public

cups-m                    cups-hera

cups-hep                 cups-uni

cups-xfel                  cups-z


CUPS Server:

In the folder CUPS must be the file:


In that file must be the text:

ServerName cups-hasylab.desy.de

Here you can chose your server by yourself.


Printing with UNIX / LINUX

The DESY Printers have the same print commandos on all UNIX / LINUX systems, except a few of older AIX - systems :

Send print job

The printing occur on all platforms by a LPD - Daemon. For that there are two commands:

1. lp -P<printername>[@<hostname>] -Z<option> <filename>

2. lp -d<printername>[@<hostname>] -o<option> <filename>


Querly printer status:

For querly the printer status you must enter a command at Terminal. For that there are also two commands:

1. lpq -P<printername>[@<hostname>]

2. lpstat -p<printername>[@<hostname>]


Delete print job

For deleting print jobs there are two different commands:

1. lprm -P<printername> <jobID / all>

2. cancel -p<printername> <jobID / all>

If there is none printername then it will be used the default printer.