Homepage publishing agreement

Although at DESY created personal web pages are world wide accessible and therefore could be found in search engines for the public use, is the publishing of personal web pages in DESY applications, as for instance in the DESY web phonebook, not automtically granted.

Persons, who like to publish their personal web pages in applications at DESY, have to agrree in a active way.

Publishing agreement
You can agree the publishing of your personal web pages by creating a file in your www dircotry on Unix/AFS with the name .public.

On Unix/AFS you can create this file either by an editor of your choice or you can create it by the following commands:

$ cd $HOME
$ cd www
$ touch .public

From a Windows computer you can create your publishing agreement for your web pages either by using WINSCP or the Open AFS Client or by just creating a file with this name .public in your www directory.

The file .public must not contain any data to activate your publishing agreement for other DESY applications.

The removement of this file also revokes your publishing agreement.

For instance, the DESY web phonebook is checking your publishing agreemnt regularly (hourly). Changes can be seen therefore just in this interval.