How To

Personal web pages at DESY - How To

DESY computer users, who own an AFS account on a workgroup computer, are able to create their own personal web pages and offer them in the world wide web.

The personal web pages must comply with the respective DESY specific publishing and layout rules. Please read the DESY rules for publishing in the world wide web.

First user steps

  • The user has to create in his AFS login directory a subdirectory with the name www.
  • Furthermore the ACLs (Access Control List) for the above subdirectory must be set suitable via the fs command to gain access to these pages to the web server.

$ cd
$ mkdir www
$ fs setacl -dir www -acl desy-hosts read

This directory www is now readable for the web server and also for all other DESY computer users who own an AFS account.

Accessing the personal web pages

All documents, which are located in the above www directory, can be now accessed world wide by the central DESY web server. The general URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for accessing the personal web pages is[/pfad/[datei_name]]. When no optional path or file is given, the web server searches in the subdirectory www for the default file and offers it to the browser. Please read the service description and restrictions for more details.

Creation of personal web pages

For creating of web pages a certain level of HTML knowledge (HyperText Markup Language) is important, because it is the language for building up web pages. If you never made some experience with HTML before, you should either read an introduction offered on the web

or should study as an example the HTML source text of your favoured web pages The view of a HTML source text is inside a browser available.

Please note, that tools, like for example weblint, exist and can and should be used to validate the syntax of HTML text. - A faulty and insufficient HTML syntax leads often to unpredictable results and effects, which can additionally depend on the browser and its version.