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What is Indico?

Indico - Integrated Digital Conference - is a web browser based tool to manage conferences, meetings and lectures. With Indico conference webpages can be quickly configured in the web browser and right after the setup, they are available as web presence for the participants. According to requirements participants can enrol, load up and down abstracts and much more. With a little practice a conference is created in about 30-60 minutes.

Indico has been developed in the scope of an EU supported project at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS). The main adoption of Indico at the moment is at CERN in Geneva - where you can find further descriptions (1) about Indico and a large collection of conferences organised with Indico (

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Conference management with Indico at DESY

Also at DESY it exists a large interest ina tool to organise and manage conferences, meetings and lectures. Within the scope of ILC-activities CDS Agenda is used. It will not be developed and supported anymore from CERN for the benefit of Indico; therefor at present Indico is the only useable aspirant for managing conferences.

After six months of testing Indico by the organisation of more than 20 events in this pilot phase, Indico now is a productive system at DESY since June 2006 and available over

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Access to Indico

Indico is open to all groups at DESY to organise their official founded events. Also not original at DESY initiated events can be organised with Indico at DESY, if these events are in the interest of DESY. In this case you should nominate your contact person at DESY and confer with group IT via the

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Indico documentation

Under you can find the help pages for Indico. Also available is some fundamental information about the user management in Indico;
for more background information please also see CERN-page .

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e-payment in Indico

Within Indico you can use an e-payment-module which allows registrants to pay their event fees by creditcard. On how you enable and use this feature informs you this document (only german). Before you can enable e-payment you have to fullfill some preconditions which are described in this Paper (only german).

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Categories on Indico

The categories and subcategories get administrated by there category administrator. Further informations about you can find here.

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Newest Indico release at DESY

At Indico release you can find the latest information about the current installed version - also about bug fixes - of Indico at DESY.

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Training on Indico

We provide a 90 minutes lecture, to train you on the web interface of Indico. Main point of this lecture is to teach basics to set up and manage a conference via your web browser. If you are interested in it, please send an email to
Content of the lecture:

  • Introduction to the Indico - web interface
  • How to create an user account
  • Setting up a test conference
  • Tips about the administration of a confernce with Indico (registration forms, abstracts management, etc.).

You can reach the actual indico training document (only german) with the following link: Indico training document.

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Central support-level

The central support level of Indico includes providing the system itself, implementation of software updates and giving lectures (see above). We also support you if you have questions in advance about the organisation of your conference with Indico, but we can not provide to design the whole conference for you.

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Via the mailinglist we would like to inform you about the current installed versions and updates, new features and maintenance times.
If you want to subscribe to the mailinglist, please click the following link indico-mailinglist and choose
in the left menu of the appearing web page the button "subscribe".

Or you can send an e-mail to with the content "subscribe indico-news".

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Contact person for Indico support at DESY-IT

For further questions please contact UCO at DESY