general hints

  1. Personal web pages are no private web pages and have to comply in content and form with the interests of DESY.
  2. Also for personal web pages validates the DESY policy for web pages in its actual version.
  3. Responsible for content and form is the respective owner of the account.
  4. Abuse will be prosecuted.
  5. Infringements against the DESY web page policy has to be promptly corrected.
  6. Personal web pages are in general word wide visible.
  7. The DESY web search engine indexes also personal web pages by its rules. Therefrom also personal web pages can and will be searched.
  8. None personal content, like for example group, collaboration and project pages, should not be stored on a personal account. You can get consultation and help for such web portals by the Web Office at DESY.
  9. General hints to the DESY web and consultation can be obtained at the User Consulting Office (UCO) at DESY.