service description and restrictions

  1. Personal web pages are accessible by the URL
  2. This URL is not automatically available, but can be established by every owner of an Unix/AFS account.
  3. The URL of personal web pages exists only as long as the account, on which it relies, exists at DESY.
  4. The personal web pages are located in AFS. The access to them on file system level is handled by the owner of the account itself and with sole responsibility by setting the ACL rights in AFS.
  5. Symbolic links on file system level are not supported by the web server.
  6. The use of dynamic pages (for example CGI, Perl, PHP) as personal web pages is currently fundamentally not supported.
  7. As default start page accepts and looks the web server for the files Welcome.html, welcome.html, Index.html and index.html and shows them by accessing the above URL automatically. Does such a file not exist, then the content of the whole web directory will be listed.
  8. Accesses on personal web pages are currently not counted by counters or published by statistics.