Recommended first steps in Mattermost

The following first steps are recommended in Mattermost

  • Adjusting the notification settings (e-mail or push notifications)
  • Joining the desired teams
How do I change the language?

Please log in with your DESY account name and DESY password on the page https://chat.desy.de.

Now click in the upper left corner on the 3 strips to the right of your account name. (Figure 1)

Figure 1


Now click on "Kontoeinstellungen". (Figure 2)

Figure 2


Now click on "Anzeige". (Figure 3)

Figure 3


Now click on "bearbeiten" in the "Sprache" field. (Figure 4)

Figure 4


Select the desired language in the "Sprache ändern" drop-down menu and save your entries by clicking the "Speichern" button. (Figure 5) You have now successfully set your desired language.

Figure 5

Where are the notification settings?

The notification settings can be found under Account Settings (Figure 1).

Figure 1

In the "Account Settings" the tab "Notifications" must be selected. There you will find settings for e-mail and push notifications, among others. (Figure 2).

Figure 2

When Team, when Channel?

Before a team is requested via the UCO, it should be considered whether one or more channels are sufficient. A team makes sense if a larger group of people wants to exchange information and at the same time several subgroups are active within this group. The subgroups can then be represented as channels within a team.

When applying for a team, please include the size of the team in your request to the UCO, as well as a short reason for the necessity.

How do I join a team?

The status of the team - "public" or "private" - determines the procedure or the possibilities to join a team.

Joining a public team

Please log in with your DESY account name and DESY password on the page https://chat.desy.de.

Now click on the 3 stripes in the upper left corner to the right of your account name. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Now click on "Einem anderem Team beitreten"/"Join another team". (Figure 2) Note: This option is only available if there are public teams you could join.

Figure 2

You will now see a selection of public teams that you can join. Click on the team you want to join. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Joining a private team

To join a private team, there are the following possibilities:

  • You will be added by the team administrator
  • You have received an invitation link. Via the link you can join the corresponding team.


How do I create a channel?

To create a channel within a team, click on the small "+" next to Public or Private Channels. (Figure 1).

Anyone who is part of the team can join a "Public" channel without needing an invitation. In contrast, only members of the team can join a "Private" channel if they are invited to do so.

Figure 1

After the channel has been created, 1-2 additional people should be entered as "channel administrators". Otherwise it is not possible to add other people in case the admin accidentally leaves the channel.

Via the channel the option "Manage Members" is called up and then the option "Make Channel Admin" is selected for the desired member. (Figure 2).


Figure 2

I can't find all colleagues

If not all desired colleagues can be added when creating a channel, this can have several reasons:

  •     The person you are looking for has not yet logged into the system.
  •     The person you are looking for is not part of the parent team.
What about external partners?

Currently, it is not possible to log on to the system without a DESY account.

Due to the limited number of licenses in the current version, the service is primarily aimed at DESYans.

We are planning a workshop / conference - can we use Mattermost for it?

 We can provide Mattermost for workshops as an "instant messaging service" as follows:

  •     As a basis we provide an own Mattermost instance with the features of the "Mattermost Community Edition
  •     The minimum number of workshop participants is 50
  •     A team is created for the respective workshop
  •     The organizers of the workshop appoint one or more team admins to take care of user administration
  •     The team and any associated data, user accounts and messaging content will be automatically deleted 2 weeks after the workshop has been completed without further inquiry

Remarks / Conditions

  •     The above mentioned Mattermost instance is operated on a "Best Effort" basis 24 h x 7

In case of failure:

  •     Recovery on a "Best Effort" basis, without guaranteed response / recovery time
  •     Restoration of data from the nightly backup / snapshot, which means possible data loss, of data changed after the backup.


Are there any restrictions in the chat?

Yes - Attachments must not be larger than 15 MB at present (8.4.2020)

Also the maximum characters in a single message are 16383.

What does "Archive Channel" mean?

Channels that you have created yourself or for which you have been granted administrative rights can be archived. To do this, the option "Archive Channel" must be selected.
This removes the Channel for all registered users and it is not possible to create a channel with the same name again.


Can I delete a channel?

Currently it is not possible to delete a channel permanently by yourself. The channel can only be "archived" by channel administrators. (See "What does archiving a channel mean?")

If you want to delete a channel, please contact the UCO and tell us the name and the team in which the channel is located.