First steps with DESY Sync and Share

In the following, the basic use of the DESY Sync & Share service via the web browser is described.


After you gained access to the DESY Sync & Share service (from the UCO or your namespace administrator),  you can access the service by e.g. the following web address and login there The namespace administrators have to contact UCO, if they want to grant access to DESY Sync & Share to DESY accounts by themselves.

Login Dialogue of the DESY Sync & Share Service

Login of external Accounts

If you do not have a DESY account, you can use the user account of your home institute if necessary. This applies to those institutes that collaborate with DESY within the scope of Helmholtz-wide projects such as HIFIS or HIP. To do this, please click on the link "Log in with DESY Keycloak (only external users)" below the login dialogue.


After logging in, you will get to the main page of the DESY Sync & Share service. Here you can create new folders, upload/download files and share files. The following picture, as well as the corresponding legend below the picture, should give you a rough overview of the start page of the web interface and its functions.

1. Files ; Displays all folders and files in your cloud.

2. Activities ; Displays all activities of the folders and files in the past

3. Gallery ; Displays all photo files available on the cloud (preview mode)

4. Add Folder/File or Upload

5. New domain of our cloud ; --->

6. Search function ; With this button you can directly search for folders or files. (Volltextsuche? oder nur nach tags?)

7. Notifications; Notification for Federal Shares and similar will be displayed here

8. Contacts ; All contacts known to the account are displayed here.

9. Logout / Settings ; This button takes you to the settings and the Logout button

10. Change view ; Here you can change the view of folders and files.

11. Share ; With this button you can share your data with others.

12. This icon indicates which files are already sharing by you.

13. This icon indicates that this folder or file is shared with you and from whom

14. This button returns a list of the data deleted from this cloud. (How long will they stay there?)

15. The current size of the trash folder is displayed here.

16. WebDAV settings ; with this button you get a link to access your data via WebDAV

17. Here you get to the settings to edit files



Create folder

Click on the plus symbol and "Ordner"(folder) to create a new empty folder in your cloud. Click  "Enter" on your keyboard  to finish.

rename folder and files

If you want to change the names of folder or files use the button with the 3 dots and click on "rename".

Uploading folders and files

If you want to upload some files, click the corresponding folder, on the plus icon and on "Upload File" (Upload file). An new window opens where you have to choose your files. It is also possible to use the drag & drop function.

Downloading files and folders

To download a file or folder, you have to click on the 3 dots on the right side of the file you want to download, as in "Rename". Then a window with different options will open, now select "Download". You can now specify the storage path of the file/folder.

Navigation through your folders

The menu on the left is helping you to get an overview of your contents. If you want to get back to the "main" screen just click on the house icon.

Sharing of files and folders

If you want to share a file or folder, click on the "sharing" icon. A window opens in which you can select a person or group (from the DESY Registry) who should then be able to download the content. Sharing files with persons always leads to an E-Mail notification with the chosen user.

If  a person should not have direct access to DESY Sync and Share  you can create a "Public-Share". DESY Sync and Share will create an encrypted link, which grants access to the chosen files. Just click "Share link" and copy the URL and send it to the chosen recipient by mail.

Additional features are:


  • Read-Only

The recipient can only view the files, he will not be allowed to edit or delete them.

  • Password protection

Enables the possibillity to protect your public share with a password.  Only the recipient knowing link and password can access the shared file .

  • Allow editing and uploading

Possibility to upload and edit files to a folder for people without access to DESY Sync and Share. This is a folder option only.


  • Expiration date

You can specify that a file or folder can only be shared for a period of time.  After expiry only the sharing right expires, the folders/files are not affected.

To send the configured link by mail or via another medium, you have to click on the button marked in the photo and the link will be saved in the clipboard.

Tag Function

With the tag function you can tag folders or files with useful search terms to find the files even in a large megabyte of data easily and conveniently using the search function. These set tags remain permanently with the shared files. So CAUTION with the tags, everyone who has been shared the file can see the tags.

To add tags to a file, click on the file and (as described in the following photo) click on the tag icon, then an input field will appear. Insert the desired tag here and confirm with "Enter".

Searching files and folders

If you want to search for a specific file in your space,  use the search field on the top right of the page.


Under the item Activities you can have a look at the history of the Cloud.

Here you can see when which folder was shared or created, ebso you can see when a share is withdrawn or changed.

Sign off and settings

To sign off and get to the settings, use the button on the top right corner: