Telephone conferences with MeetMe

MeetMe conferences can be conducted in the seminar rooms 3; 3a; 4a; 4b; 5; 7a or in an office with a maximum of 40 participants.
It is possible to borrow a portable conference phone at DESY, contact After a conference is arranged with a conference phone, it is possible to invite external guests.

Initiation of a phone conference:

  1. Press button “Handset”
  2. Press button „Menu“
  3. Confirm twice with button „Select“
  4. Dial phone number *xxxx
  5. The display shows CONFERENCE

Now the other conference participants can join the conference by dialing the phone number *xxxx.
A pin isn’t necessary.
With every connection you will hear a signal tone.

* The phone number depends on the seminar room and is written on the local conference phone.

The MeetMe phone numbers of the portable conference phones will be given upon demand.