Printing from MAC

Some of the public network printers at DESY can be reached from the guest network. Desy Guest Network Printers For conferences use the printer "conferencec" , "conferencet" , "conference1" or "conference2".

The printers that can be reached from the guest network should have an appropriate sticker on the engine itself, so look out for a marked printer in your building. Don't expect your proper user name on the banner page, look out for your hostname and the user name 'guest' or 'nobody' !

How to reach that printer from Mac:

Use the the hostname of the printserver '' or '' !

Go to "System Preferences" => "Print and Fax"
Click the "lock" on the lower left of the dialog and enter your password.
Select " + "
Change "confernecec" to your desired printer or another existend printer.

" IP printer"
Protocol: => "Line Printer Daemon - LPD"
Adress: => ""
Queue: => "conferencec" (or: printer name)
Name: => "conferencec"
Print using: => "PostScript Printer"

Select "add"
Don't forget to click the "lock" on the lower left to permanently save the settings.

(Please use the settings in the text above not those in the screenshot.)

Now are you able to print documents from any Mac software.
Scecial features like duplex printing are available for use if the printer supports them.
For printing on foils, use the print queue "confernecet".