Printer error

Connection problems

Error: no printout 
Message on LPR - printer status: Status: cannot open 'printername%9100' - 'Connection timed out' 
Error cause: No network connection to the printer 
Remedy: restart the printer and if necessary restart the printjob

HP - Printer

Error: no printout 
Message on display: 79.00 FE Printer Error
Error cause: PostScrip file wrong
Remedy: cancel printjob and reset printer

Ricoh - Printer

Error: no printout of the header pages
Message on printout: ERROR: limitcheck OFFENDING COMMAND: setpagedevice
Error cause: printer wrong
Remedy: reboot printer

Message on the display:   Outlook Memoformat
print away:   press 'Enter' key
Change setup on Outlook: Print - Memoformat - Print option - Format definition - Memoformat - Edit - Paper - Paper feed - Magazin 3 (eg. Magazin 1 or 2)

Message on the display:   Error code SC899
Remedy:    Remove actual print job and reboot the printer.
The printer needs a update of the firmware.

Xerox - Printer

Error: Printes the sides several times or needs for printout the enter key
Message on the website of the printer: 'belegt' or 'busy'
Error cause: printer wrong
Remedy: PostScrip reset or coldreset of the printer

KonicaMinolta - MC5450 - printer

Error 1:   Print always on foils
Message on display:   Typfehler Tray 2
Printout on foils:   ERROR: ioerror, OFFENDING COMMAND: status
Error cause:   Paperjam on lower paper tray. Afterwards the printer takes foils from tray 2
Remedy:   remove the paperjam an reboot the printer

Error 2:   Printout from Web
- From Linux: Error like paperjam (look before) and additional message on the foil: "STACK: EUHGFW+Arial-Bold Italic"
- From Windows:   Wrong format on printout and no pictures
Error cause:   PostScript Error by any fonts
Remedy:   Cancel the printjob and restart the printer
More Remedy:   Use standard fonts on web sites like Arial, Tahoma, Times or PostScript fonts.