Ordering toner and supply

The group is responsible for toner replacement and paper refill.

The group is responsible for toner replacement and paper refill.

Toner and supply for laserprinter, multi-functional and copy devices

  • You can order supply for laserprinter by DESY with the formular  "Lagerabrufschein".
  • On the web sides printer model or List of networkprinters in the collum 'Hardware' can you find the supply, and the DESY - order number for the selected printer type.

Toner and supply for all devices

   Toner,   Resttoner,  Druckpatrone,   Trommeleinheit,   Papier f. Laserdrucker,   Folie Laserdrucker,   Heftklammern

Paper type: DESY-stock No.:     Printer type:
paper A4, white 80%, 80g/m 71769 black-an-white laser
paper A4, white 100%, 80g/m   71772 black-an-white laser
paper A3, white 100%, 80g/m 71757 black-an-white laser
paper A4, green, 80g/m 71768 black-an-white laser (banner page)
paper A4, blue, 80g/m 71782 color laser (banner page)
paper A4, white, 90g/m   71783 color laser / inkjet
paper A3, white, 90g/m   71784 color laser / inkjet
foil A4 71151 color laser / black-an-white laser

Empty toner

  • Empty toner or remainder toner container are to be sent back at the "DESY - Zentrallager".
  • Defective toner are to be sent back with a test expression and a short error description at the "DESY - Zentrallager". They get immediately replacement for it.
    A toner supply bin is defective if:
       - strips on the paper are
       - the expression quality badly, but the toner is not yet used up
       - a mechanical defect arises
  • Order for returning of empty or defective toner.