Guest net

General Information

For guests and visitors DESY operates a guest network which can be used by Ethernet (LAN) or wireless (WIFI) after email registration.
Basically, with this network it is possible to access the internet with network-compatible devices. The guest network can be used if you connect your device to the left plug of a network socket or by using the unencrypted WIFI network 'DESY-Guest'.

Registration and Log in Procedure

  • If a device is connected to the guest network (via WIFI or LAN) an IP address will be requested - usually automatically - via DHCP. After that you must register by email. It is possible to use all internet browsers to call up any unencrypted webpage (http://... NOT https://...). You will then be forwarded automatically to the web portal of the guest network.

    Note: The '' website can generally also be reached from non-registered guests and devices. Therefore, there will be no forwarding to the portal of the DESY guest network from the webpage ''.
  • To register to the DESY guest network and to receive the login credentials, please click on "Receive your credentials by EMail".
    Fill in the fields: last name, first name and email address and accept the DESY data protection provisions. Confirm your entry details with "Register". Your credentials will then be sent by email to the specified email address.
  • For the following five minutes you have limited access to the Internet to retrieve your emails and access the login data.
  • Return to the portal webpage of the DESY guest network ( and close the temporary connection via "Terminate Connection".
  • You can now log in to the DESY guest network with your credentials. Fill in "Login" and "Password" and accept the DESY "Condition of Use". Please confirm with "Enter".

    For the validity of the guest network account it is required to log in once per device. After that it is possible to use this  device in the guest network during the following days without a renewed log in.

    Note: A guest network account is valid up to 10 days and can be used with five devices at the same time.


If anything should be unclear or in case you have questions, the UCO (User Consulting Office) will provide support by phone at +49-40-8998-5005, or by email to