Guest net


General Information

For guests and visitors on the campus in Bahrenfeld or at the XFEL in Schenefeld, DESY operates a network for visitors and guests, which can be used wired (LAN) or wireless (WLAN).
With this network it is basically possible for all network-compatible devices to access the Internet. This network is available at any left port of a network socket and in particular via the unencrypted WLAN SSID 'Science-Hotspot'.

Access and Use of Data

  • If a device is connected to the guest network (via WLAN or LAN), it can request an IP address via DHCP. On most devices this is done automatically.

  •  After receiving an IP address, a portal page for logging into the network opens automatically. On this page you will be informed about the storage and use of the collected data. After you have agreed to observe the user rules, your device will be automatically authenticated for 7 days without displaying the portal page again.

  • When using the guest network, the following data will be stored on DESY systems for up to 7 days after the last use (but not evaluated without occasion):

    • MAC address of the network card used

      • for address assignment via DHCP

      • after approval for automatic authentication

    • The IP address assigned by DHCP

    • URL, source and destination port, the internal IP and NAT (Network Address Translation) addresses used for all connections.

  • The complete Data Privacy Policy of DESY can be read here, the conditions of use here.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the User Consulting Office (UCO) at +49-40-8998-5005 or via e-mail to