For a proper day-to-day operation we are running various tools which are, depending on their possibilities, available to public users, segment administrators or the network operating center only.

List of public available tools

  • Port Database to check network wall plugs
  • MAC Adress Database to check registered MAC adresses (essential for the use of the DESY Intranet)
  • A list of segmentadmins shows which person is reponsible for which subnet and gives detailed information about the subnets (repsonsible persons, Adress Range, Subnet Mask, Gateway)


List of available tools for segment administrators

  • The IP-Management System (QIP) offering the possibilities for giving IP-Adresses, configure DHCP settings, register MAC addresses, etc. There will be used DHCP-Option-Templates for DHCP settings. Only a few are usable for Segmentadministrators. A List of Templates and Information will be found in the following PDF.