E-Mail at DESY

On this web page and its child pages, you can find an overview about the DESY e-mail services, how to access your e-mails and calendars, as well as related aspects and known issues.

Detailed information about calendaring at DESY can be found on the dedicated calendar web site: https://it.desy.de/services/calendar/

Access your Emails and Calendars

DESY in Hamburg operates a so-called Zimbra mail server. Every person at DESY with a DESY account has a mailbox in which the emails of that account are stored.

To access your mails and calendars at DESY, the easiest and recommended way is to use the web site of the mail and calendaring system which is used at DESY (Zimbra). You may reach the web site using the web address https://mail.desy.de


Alternatively or in addition to access your inbox using the web site of the mail system, you may also use other email applications. Information about the setup of the e-mail applications supported by DESY-IT can be found on the following website:

In addition, more detailled information can be found on the following web site:

Restrictions for Sending

The number of e-mails being sent is limited. If you plan to send more than 150 e-mails per 15 minutes, please contact uco@desy.de in advance and calculate at least four hours during normal office hours, before new settings will have been made, into your time budget.

Special addresses

Some addresses have a special function and are therefore to be treated as such. For example addresses like "noreply@domain.tld" or similar will be rejected by our e-mail system (and most other e-mail systems). These e-mail addresses might therefore be used as from/sender-addresses of central services where you do not want a direct reply.

Email Attachments

Mails are used for communication, correspondence and partially also to share files. Though the latter is not recommended, because it may slow down a possibly necessary synchronization process. Sending email attachments should therefore not be the primary method to share files with colleagues, especially if they are quite big.

In order to exchange data without attaching them to e-mails, the data storage service DESY Sync & Share should preferably be used. For more information on how to use the service, please visit the following website:


As an alternative to using DESY Sync & Share, storage on network file systems such as AFS or Windows network drives is also possible. In individual cases, it must be checked which service is better suited for this. Basically, this also depends on the working methods of the persons involved. Should you need advice, please contact your group admins:


Central Spam and Virus Detection

Since e-mails can be used in various ways to transport and spread harmful content, DESY-IT endeavors to detect malicious e-mails as early as possible and to make them recognizable accordingly. For this purpose, all incoming and sent e-mails are examined centrally in several stages according to the following criteria:

  • Does the mails contain viruses and trojans
  • Is the mailcontent possibly harmful
  • Is there any encrypted mail content or attachment, which can not be analysed by the scanner and may
    contain malicious code
  • Is it a phinishing mail which tries to get access to DESY account informations
  • Does the the mail contain unwanted commercials (only mails coming from outside DESY are analysed
    in this aspect)

Depending on how the mail is classified by the filter, it is either rejected, quarantined or delivered with a note. For more information about email filtering, visit the following website:



One possibility to reach a big amount of people with only one mail is the creation of a mailinglist. Such a mailinglist can be set up in various configurations. It can be used as a newsletter for all subscribers or as a tool to help to communicate within your project group.

Information about creation and administration of such a mailinglist can be found on the following web site:


Supported Domains

The official DESY domain is desy.de. Therefore, almost all email addresses at DESY can be reached using the following pattern:

  • firstname.surname@desy.de
  • scope@desy.de
  • event@desy.de

In addition to desy.de DESY-IT supports further domain names. So these ones also could have to be used in email addresses in some cases:

  • cfel.de
  • xfel.eu
  • cssb-hamburg.de
  • pier-hamburg.de


If you should have questions or need support, the UCO is at your service: