E-Mail at DESY

All information about e-mail, mail servers, mail accounts and addresses, mail programs and mailing lists or mail forwarding

On these pages you can find all information about the usage of mail at DESY.
The configuration of mailclients, setup information to filter mails and forward them. In addition you find general information about our mail environment and how to use and administrate DESY mailinglists.

DESY Hamburg runs a so called Zimbra mailserver. Every user with a DESY useraccount has a inbox in this server where all of his mailcorrespondence is saved. It is possible to access this inbox with several mail-clients, more information on how to set up these clients can be found here. For additional questions please have a look in the advanced configurations and informations.

The official DESY domain is @desy.de. Almost all addresses for correspondence at DESY can be reached with the following pattern:

  • firstname.surname@desy.de
  • scope@desy.de
  • event@desy.de

In addition you can find at our DESY campus domainnames like @cfel.de, @xfel.de, @cssb-hamburg.de and @pier-hamburg.de

Sending of e-mail attachments

Today e-mails are an essential part of our life, especially work-life, and we more or less cant live without. They are used for communication, correspondence and partially also to share files. Though the latter is not recommended. E-mails should not be the primary method to share files with colleagues, especially if they are quite big.
Within DESY we have different services which are explicitly recommended for filesharing and due to this they are also more error resistant if you share files with other users.

  • Windows filesystem, e.g. the use of your public folder in your windows home (H:) or group directory
  • AFS Unix filesystem, over here the use of your public directory in your AFS home
  • DESY-Cloud service; a save, DESY-intern cloudservice
  • DESY FTP-Servers

Sending and receiving e-mails

In order to send an receive mails it is necessary to use a program, a so called mail-client. We centrally support following mail-clients at DESY:

  • Zimbra Web-Client (browserbased recommendation)
  • Mozilla Tunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook in connection with our Zimbra Connector
  • Alpine

Different configurations and information on how to set up your mail-clients can be found on this webpage.

Additionally we try our best support at UCO alternative mail-clients, like mobile clients on smartphones and tablets or MacMail on MacOS. But we can not guarantee full support for these.

Central e-mail filtering

It is necessary to centrally filter and classify all mails because they can be used in various ways to transport and share malware and probably harming content. Thats why we need to analyse all incoming and outgoing mails upon following criterias:

  • Does the mails contain viruses and trojans, which can contaminate the machine they were opened on
  • Is the mailcontent possibly harmful
  • Is there any encrypted mailcontent or attachment, which can not be analysed by our scanner and may contain malicious code
  • Is it a phinishing mail which tries to get access to DESY account credentials and informations
  • Does the the mail contain unwanted commercials (only mails coming from outside DESY are analysed in this aspect)

Depending on how our filter classifies the mail it will be rejected, set in quarantine or will be delivered.
In case your mail has been rejected or set in quarantine you will be notified about it and you have to possibility initiate necessary steps to release it. More information can be found here.


One possibility to reach a big amount of people with only one mail is the creation of a mailinglist. These can be set up in various configurations. They can be used as a newsletter for all subscribers or as a tool to help to communicate within your project group.
More information about creation and administration of such a mailinglist can be found here.

Additional Information


The number of e-mails being sent is limited. If you plan to send more than 150 e-mails per 15 minutes, please contact uco@desy.de in advance and calculate at least four hours during normal office hours, before new settings will have been made, into your time budget.

If you need additional information about the DESY mailsystem or got any questions about it please contact the UCO. You can send us a mail to uco@desy.de, come to our UCO Office in 2b/131d or you can call us at 5005.