macOS Software Management

Desy IT provides macOS users with a software management system called Munki. Munki installs, updates and removes software, printers and configurations.



> Download Munki (DESY intranet connection (e.g. via VPN) required.)


Technical Information & Troubleshooting

Software Catalog

List of available packages


Munki is intended for DESY macOS users in the internal network.
We reserve the right to use or support Munki only on DESY's own equipment.

Getting started

Install the Munki-Tools to use Munki:

  1. Connect your Mac to the internal desy-network.
  2. Download Munki from here.
  3. Install Munki by double-clicking the Installer package.
  4. Restart your Mac to finish the installation.

Munki Store

Your one-stop-shop for macOS updates, app installs and resources.

  • Munki Store (aka Managed Software Center) is part of Munki, a set of tools to manage software installs on macOS machines. 
  • Installing Munki on your machine will give you access to a number of software packages with one click installs and centralised updates.
  • Using the intuitive interface, you can browse and install trusted apps and printers from DESY, update configurations, and receive real-time notifications for available services without having to contact IT.