Configuration of your nextCloud desktop Client for DESYcloud


On this web site, you can find tutorials for configuring the sync client for DESYcloud. In principle, the use of the nextCloud sync client is recommended, since the DESYcloud is based on nextCloud.


Client Version

Please use the currently offered client software version as it is offered via the DSM shop, Munki or Linux repositories. This centrally provided version has been tested  and is supported by the manufacturer via support contracts (current: 3.3.3; status: August 2021) and must therefore also be used for devices that are not centrally managed.

If you have any problems or questions about the current version to be used, please contact the UCO (


Known Problems

If you are using the Sync & Share client on Windows and / or MacOS, please be sure to avoid using multiple files with the same name but different case (e.g. picture.jpg and picture.jpg).

The reason for this is that Windows and MacOS do not take into account the different upper and lower case and therefore there is a risk of data loss. Image.jpg and image.jpg are treated as the same file under Windows and MacOS and are therefore not saved as two files. In such a case, the last saved file overwrites the already existing one.

Nextcloud clients with versions greater than 3.3.0 contain various bugs that prevent proper operation.