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Although there is a large number of Windows-based decentralized workstations at DESY, there are a many reasons that require a centrally available Windows system:

  • Linux  users who only need a Windows system temporarily.
  • Remote access to a Windows system in the DESY intranet, for example for working at home
  • Replacement of workstations by so-called thin clients
  • ...

For these purposes, there are the so-called Windows Terminal Server - computers with a specific Windows version, which allows, in contrast to the single-user Windows systems, multiple authorized users to connect to the terminal server and work simultaneously.

Depending on the intended use of such systems, the possibilities open to the user are more or less restricted. They are always a compromise between ensuring system stability for all users of a terminal server and the user-friendliness of the system.


The central Windows Terminal Server system is (currently) quite clearly not intended as a substitute for a personal Windows workstation - its objective is to provide a Windows system, where the most necessary applications are installed, so that, for example, a Linux user can use web sites that were created exclusively for Internet Explorer.


During the monthly Windows maintenances, however, Winterm is at least partially unavailable. Such and other operational restrictions will be reported on the IT trouble page, and can also be obtained via e-mail.



The name of the terminal server system is winterm.desy.de. Access must be from the DESY intranet, limited to one session per user *.

Who has access?

In principle, all holders of a DESY account can use the terminal server. However, access to the terminal server must first be activated - please contact the UCO with the request to activate your Windows account.

Access from outside DESY

As the connection is only possible from the Intranet, for access from outside DESY - such as from home or during a business trip - first a connection to the DESY Intranet has to be made before connecting to the Terminal Server. To do this, for security reasons, an SSH tunnel should be used primarily. How to do this, is described on the following web site:

Alternatively you may establish a VPN connection to DESY in case you have a VPN account. However, please consider the recommendations by D4 first. Website only available from inside the DESY network and only in German:


Help, Suggestions and Comments

For help, suggestions, and comments please consult the User Consulting Office (UCO).