The DESY WLAN uses the authentification techniques PEAP and TTLS. With this methods it is possible to login to the WLAN with the DESY user name and a specific WLAN password. A WEP or WPA key is no longer needed.

At the moment the encryption method used with WLAN DESY is considered to be one of the safest in the field of WLAN. Until now, no information about a successful attack is known.

How can I connect to the DESY WLAN ?


As common in all internal networks the MAC addresses for the devices participating in the DESY WLAN have to be registered. If they have not yet been registered, or if anything should be unclear, please contact your Network Segment Administrator.

Note for Network Segment Administrators:
Wireless clients  mac addresses have to get the QIP ObjectClass DESY_WLAN_DEVICE.

Windows 7

For the DESY-Windows 7 installation the WLAN profiles for DESY and eduroam can be installed, too. In this case no additional WLAN settings are necessary. If you want to establish a connection with one of the WLANs you merely have to indicate your user name followed by "" ( and the WLAN password in the log-in screen.
An instructions manual to establish the WLANs DESY and eduroam can be found in the menu under WLAN Instruction.

Necessary Access Data

As mentioned before, using the WLANs DESY and eduroam implies that you have the access data for it. At DESY this access data consists of the DESY account name and a specific WLAN password. To create the WLAN password the user has to be assigned in the DESY registry for the resource wlan_desy by their Namespace-Administrator. Then the user is asked automatilcy via e-Mail to creat the WLAN password in the DESY registry.

Instruction for Installation and Configuration

Since there is no difference in the configuration for the both WLANs, DESY and eduroam (except of their names ( the SSIDs)) a list with various documentation on installing this service can be found under the menu item WLAN-Instruction.