What is the difference between comment and reply?


Comments will not be sent to the client and will not be sent to people from the CC. With a comment you can communicate with other RT users involved in the processing of a ticket or document your work.


You should write a reply if you want to inform the client about something, such as the processing status or the result of his request. You can also ask him questions that arise or have not yet been answered, the answer to which you need for further processing.

How do I change the language?
  • Click successively on logged in as "<account name>" ➔ Settings ➔ "About me".
  • Choose a language and click
    Save Preferences
How do I change the sorting of the results of a ticket search?

By default, tickets are sorted by time and date so that the oldest entry is displayed first.

To change, click "logged in as <account name>" one by one. ➔ Settings ➔ Search options:

  • In the "Sorting" field you can sort by several criteria.
  • For each criterion you can sort separately "ascending" or "descending".
  • Confirm your changes by clicking
    Save Preferences
How do I change the order of entries in a ticket?

By default, ticket entries are sorted by time and date so that the most recent entry appears at the top and the original request appears at the bottom.

To modify:

  • Click logged in as <account name> ➔ Settings ➔ Preferences successively.
  • Navigate to the "Ticket Display" field.
  • Under "Show oldest history first", choose between "Yes" and "No".
  • Confirm your changes by clicking
    Save Preferences
  • The original request is now displayed at the top.
Can I use the request tracker to track a software project?

In principle, this possibility exists, of course, but for this purpose, IT provides the Atlassian software JIRA, for example, which we would recommend for such a purpose. Those who would still like to use the Request Tracker for this purpose can do so. However, we would like to point out that this is not the intended use and future updates will not be able to take into account the continued functionality for other uses.

What are the tasks of a queue administrator?

The administrator is...

  • ...responsible for adding new people to work on a queue.
  • ...responsible for removing people from working on a queue.
  • ...contact person for IT for all matters concerning the queue.


E-Mail: Request-Tracker
Link: https://it.desy.de/services/uco