Create ticket

A new ticket can be created using the "Create new ticket" button in the menu bar at the top of the window.

For ticket creation, it is now possible to switch between a page for basics and another page for additional details at the top right.



  • In the Client field, at least your own account or the account/mail address on whose behalf the request (ticket) is to be created is entered (Figure 1).
  • Optionally, additional mail addresses can be entered under CC or Admin-CC.
  • Important: In the subfield Basics, the appropriate area must be selected so that the ticket arrives at the correct agents and the processing is not unnecessarily delayed (Figure 1).
  • So-called user-defined fields can be defined for each queue (Figure 1). Here, information is requested that experience has shown is required particularly frequently for requests to this queue for processing. Therefore, entries in the area of these fields can considerably shorten the processing time. In the other case, the information you provide would always have to be determined before your request is actually processed. (Often this information is sufficient, but not alone. Please understand that there may still be further queries).
  • The owner (the person primarily processing this request) can already be specified here as part of the request (Figure 1).
  • Via "Create", the ticket is created or the request is forwarded to the responsible persons.

Figure 1


  • In the subfield Basics, detailed information about the processing time can be defined. In the Priority field, a user-selected numerical value can be used to meaningfully illustrate the importance of the request (Figure 2).
  • Under Dates, a due date for processing can be specified (Figure 2).
  • Under Relationships, a 1-click link can be created between tickets that are related in terms of content (Figure 2).

  • Via "Create", the ticket is created or the request is forwarded to the responsible persons.


Figure 2


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