Trouble / Maintenance

Restart of a network component (access module) Building 1b

*Update* The restart was successful.

Today, 01.07.2020 around 14:00 h, a component of the network infrastructure (access module) will be restarted in building 1b. A 10-minute interruption of the network connection is expected.

The background to this are problems that affect the functionality of the network infrastructure and which are supposed to be solved by a restart. If this is not successful, the component must be replaced. In this case an interruption of 1 hour is to be expected.


Current: Malfunction of the telephone service in Zeuthen

Since this morning, 01.07.2020  it's not possible to call  Zeuthen from external. (Exception:  The operator 033762-770).
We have contacted the Telekom  in order to solve the problem.

Current: 07.05.2020 Disturbance in QIP

Since today, May 7, 2020, there are some problems with changing IPv4 objects in the IP address management system QIP. The message "Fail to Safe" appears.

We are working together with the manufacturer to solve the problem.

As a workaround it can help to select the DHCP tab once after the message and go back to the Object tab and save again.

Current: 02.04.2020 - Shortages of IT equipment

Due to the coronavirus situation, there are currently shortages of IT equipment on the market. This is leading to longer delivery times and in some cases to higher prices.

The delivery time of DELL notebooks, is currently six weeks and the prices of the webcams used at DESY, for example, have almost tripled to 167,-.

Current: 10.03.2020 - Partial Malfunction of the Atlassian Tool Confluence

Currently we observe problems when editing web sites using the Atlassian Wiki Tool Confluence ( This means, if a page is saved you won't get the same page later again but some random previous version of it, so changes are lost.

Therefore, please check the page content of a revised version with the content of the updated version before you save the page.

The reason is a bug of the collaborative editing in the Atlassian Wiki tool Confluence. We are working on a solution to this problem together with the manufacturer.

TSM (ADSM), each Tuesday, 12:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Regular Maintenance Slot: TSM (ADSM) backup server

Time: each Tuesday, 12:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Systems: all

Impact: The TSM backup servers will be partly down. It will not be possible to restore files on the central Unix or Windows systems from backups made by the TSM.

An apology must be made in advance: It is always possible that things do not work as planned. Therefore the given ending times may not be kept as promised.


26.05.2020 - Deleted chats of the video conference tool Cisco Meeting
For privacy reasons, the chats of the video conferencing tool Cisco Meeting are deleted daily at night.

The reason is that the chats may contain confidential messages that could be read beyond the actual video conference.

For important messages please use the email; for chats is Mattermost and for documentation the DESY Sync and Share service or confluence are the recommended tools.


08.05.2020 - New Documentation on the Topic - Transmission of sensitive Data -

As of today, a new documentation on the topic "Transmission of sensitive Data" is available:

With this documentation, we are responding to the currently increased need to be able to exchange documents and data digitally using secure methods.

If you have any questions, please contact the UCO (E-Mail:, Tel: 5005)

02.04.2020 - Discontinuation Acrobat 2015

The support for the software "Adobe Acrobat 2015", which is currently available in DSM, will expire in April. Therefore it is necessary to replace Acrobat 2015 either by other tools or by the new DSM version "Adobe Acrobat 2017" (AMS purchase necessary).

This will be requested by DSM from Thursday, 02.04.2020, 11:00 a.m., when logging on to the Windows computer.

If you have any questions, please contact the UCO (E-Mail:, Tel: 5005)

31.03.2020 - Supplementation of the IT Monitor with the load of the CISCO meeting service

The IT Monitor ( was supplemented with information on the load of the CISCO meeting service ( The two new graphs can be found below the overview of the availability of the basic IT services.

The graph on the right side shows the number of active conferences, the graph on the left side shows the hardware load of the system (CPU load in %).

24.03.2020 - Change of the On-Site Services of the Computer Center and the UCO

In consideration of the current circumstances we change the availability of the UCO and the computer center.

The computer center will be kept staffed from Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 17:00h. The acceptance of goods during opening hours and the continuous supervision of critical services are guaranteed.
However, on-site contact is reduced to the bare essentials and requires prior (appointment) arrangement.

The UCO can be contacted by phone at the usual times from Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 16:30h or anytime by e-mail via The processing of your support requests is also guaranteed during daytime from Monday to Friday.
However, on-site contact is reduced to the bare essentials and requires prior (appointment) arrangement.

Further information can be found at

15.03.2020 - Documentation about working from Home

due to current circumstances we have summarized the technical possibilities regarding working from home on the following web site:

In case of technical questions and suggestions please contact the UCO (Tel: 5005, E-Mail:

13.03.2020 - Change of LabVIEW Licensing

Users of the LabVIEW software must change the licensing of their LabVIEW installations by mid-April 2020.

The background is that the previous licensing will expire. All information on this can be found at

and the subsequent web pages, respectively. Since the number of available licenses is limited, the Runtime Environment (RTE) should be used instead of a full LabVIEW installation (if applicable).