Information about the usage of macOS within the DESY environment.

This web site offers information about the usage of macOS within the DESY environment. The target group of this document are users which have first experience with macOS. Therefore knowledge about basic terms and the desktop of the operating system is preconditioned!


The standard Desktop Computing at DESY which is currently completely supported by IT includes the support of the operating systems Windows and Linux in standardized configuration on defined standard hardware.

But in the last time we observe that in particular the number of external users on the DESY campus who use Apple notebooks ("Macs") with the operating system macOS increases.

These guests need access to DESY computing resources like network, printers, file systems etc. To meet these requirements, IT supports such systems. Therefore the IT help desk, the socalled User Consulting Office (UCO), can be contacted for questions concerning these issues and supports at best effort.