Software deployment with DSM

Disclaimer: The english translation of this documentation is currently in development. This means that screenshots or parts may for now be only available in german.

The tool DSM from Ivanti is used at DESY to easily install standard software on provided computers.


To open DSM: Start -> DSM (DESY) -> Installer & Uninstaller
The main page of DSM should look like this:


In the tab "Available Software" you can choose one or more programs to be installed.

If you want to install a program click "Install" (2.)

Depending on your settings you have to click on the cart in the top right and begin the installation of all checked out software with a click on OK.

After the program has been installed it will be found under "My Software" and it should look about like this:

Uninstalling programs

If you want to uninstall a program you can select it in the tab "My Software" and click on Uninstall.

The program has now been marked to be uninstalled. To continue uninstalling it you have to click on the cart and confirm with OK.
If you don't want to uninstall it you can easily cancel it with a press on the red X next to the name in the cart.

After uninstalling the program should again be found under "Available Software".

Settings of the Softwareshop


Packages can be accumulated in the cart and then installed all at once with the standard settings.
If you often install multiple packages you can activate that clicking on a package adds it to the selection instead of only selecting that one. With this you can install multiple packages a bit faster.

Immediate Installation

From the dropdown menu you can choose "Immediate Installation".

With this enabled instead of putting software into the cart they immediately start the installation process.


When a new update is available for an installed program, it will be marked with "Update available". You can start the update by clicking on the program and then the "Update" button.

Computer Status

In the Tab "Status" you can find information about the current installation progress by clicking on the "i".

Detailed information about the computer is shown after clicking on the "monitor" symbol.

Using DSM from outside of DESY

To use DSM from outside of the DESY internal network and to install updates you have to first connect to the DESY VPN.

How to do that you can find out here: VPN (Virtual Private Network)

After connecting the VPN you can use DSM as usual.

After not being connected for a while it is recommended that you initiate an update search manually by clicken on the refresh button:

Tab "Postponed software"

This tab is currently irrelevant as DESY is not using it.

Additional information

If some software says "downloaded" that just means that this piece of software has been downloaded but was uninstalled in the past. The installation files will be kept so a new installation can be faster.

In the Tab "Settings" there is a presentation mode and maintenance window.

The presentation mode will prevent DSM from doing any actions in the background in order to not be disturbed (e.g. in a presentation).
The maintenance window is a time frame where DSM is allowed to perform automated actions or updates in general. Usually this cannot be changed.