Mathcad 15

Mathcad from Mathsoft is an addition to the general central offer of mathematics software which consists of Mathematica and Maple. In contrast to them Mathcad is only offered for Windows, not for Linux.

Mathcad can be used best with a so called license server, which delivers Mathcad licenses at runtime. This means that the software can be installed as often as needed at DESY, but can only be used at the same time until the amount of licenses is reached.

Scope and Costs of the Mathcad Licenses

We have 6 so called floating licenses of Mathcad, therefore the software can be used on 6 PCs at the same time at DESY. To avoid shortage, Mathcad instances which are not in use should be closed everytime, because other users are not able to work as long as all licenses are used.



Please follow the installation steps described in the readme file you can find in the following folder on the S: drive:


Configure the connection to the FLEXnet server with the following information.

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 7788

This kind of license usage configures Mathcad to bind only one license to the application when working with MathCad. As soon as MathCad is closed the license which you used will be released.


Pic. 1 - Option during the MathCad Installation

Pic. 2 - Settings for the Connection to the License Server


If you are interested in a course please refer via email to This service is only provided for DESY employees as well as its co-operation partners!

Central Support Level

We only provide MathCad as described above; due to the limited amount of central expertise concerning MathCad within IT, only rudimentary support can be offered.

Contact Persons for Mathcad at IT

Please refer to UCO Hamburg or UCO Zeuthen.