Windows Software (DSM Packages)

Using requirements

Software which is centrally available under Windows is provided on DESY via DSM. A computer on which DSM is installed is necessary in this case. DSM is launched via the Start menu: --> DSM (DESY) --> Installer and Uninstaller.

If this start menu entry not available, DSM has either to be installed on your computer first or it has been made unavailable for operational reasons - please contact your group administrator for further information in this case.

The functionality of the installation of DSM itself as well as its available software packages is being tested and ensured as far as possible on the centrally supported DESY standard Windows (23.2.2020: Windows 10 Enterprise English with German language interface). Installation on other Windows operating systems such as Windows 8.x, Windows 10 Home, etc. is not possible; the installation on a computer running a Windows 10 Enterprise in a language other than English should be possible in principle, but it is not supported and therefore generally not recommended.


Available software Via DSM

To get an overview of the available software in DSM, start DSM: all freely installable packages are displayed and can be installed directly.

Some software packages require prior activation to be displayed in DSM. This is due to authorization restrictions, prior cost approvals or other process-related constraints, such as prior training. This software category includes the software packages of the IPP group on one side, and the following software in particular on the other side:

- Adobe Acrobat

- Microsoft Office

- Microsoft Project

- Microsoft Visio


This software requires a prior order and cost authorization via the so-called Asset Management System (AMS).

Help, suggestions and comments

For advice regarding the use of the centrally provided software as well as for help with handling and / or problems with the centrally provided software, please contact the User Consulting Office (UCO). You are also welcome to let us know via this channel if you think that a product is missing from the DSM software offering that could be of interest to a larger number of users at DESY.