IGOR Pro by WaveMetrics was purchased by -FS-; IGOR Pro runs on the operating systems Windows and MacOS.


Scope and use of the IGOR Pro licenses

16 concurrent licenses were purchased.


Provision and use of IGOR Pro

The basic version of IGOR Pro is available here at the developer’s homepage. Updates, which are provided by the developer, are available here. Due to the availability on the side of the developer and reasons of efficiency IGOR Pro is not available at the DESY-Intranet. Because of different reasons – scope of the software, number of users, available ressources – there is no possibility to download IGOR Pro at NetInstall, especially because this would only work for Windows.

After installation entering the license information is required – this information is available at the UCO after they received this form.




After installation of IGOR Pro the documentation of IGOR Pro is installed, too. The manual and the additional documentation are also available at the developer's homepage.


Central support level

The supply of the software is described above. It should be noted, that due to the limited amount of central usage/expertise concerning IGOR Pro within IT, only rudimentary support can be offered.


Contact person for IGOR Pro at IT

Please contact the UCO Hamburg or the UCO Zeuthen.